FlipRobot E300 Extension Kit: Insect Limbed Robot

To navigate terrain inaccessible by the wheel, students learn the concept of kinetic energy through limbed mobility. The insect limbed robot extension kit transforms the E300 through the interaction of DC motors and integrated limb parts to construct a versatile vehicle personifying animal movement. With the included light sensors combined with clever coding, students explore artificial intelligence to bring the E300 to life.

This extension kit does not include the E300 starter kit. To complete this assembly, the E300 starter kit is required.


Flexible Limb Designs


Construct E300 with an array of new mechanical parts to design creative movements. 

















Light Sensing Artificial Intelligence 


Program E300’s artificial intelligence to follow light with light sensors.



Apply Animal Movement to Robotic Mobility


Design E300’s mobility based on various animal movement forms, to solve problems in challenging scenarios.