FlipRobot E300 Extension Kit: Little Artist

Whether to explore creative expression, or to delve into the world of industrial design, students will benefit from the Little Artist Extension Kit. The versatility of the Omni-directional wheels enables students to unleash their creativity. Combined with the intuitive FlipCode programming platform, this extension kit translates the students curiosity and imagination into visual masterpieces.

This extension kit does not include the E300 starter kit, but it requires the E300 kit to complete its assembly.




Manually control E300 to move in any direction


Enjoy the freedom of 360 degree on-the-spot turns and diagonal movements with the Little Artists joystick controller and omni-directional wheels.





















Advance to code E300 to move in any direction  


Code and grow computational thinking skills to move E300 without the joystick.






Create an artistic masterpiece


Be inspired to design, code and transform E300 into a little artist, and bring a masterpiece from imagination to reality.