FlipRobot E300 Extension Kit: Smart Household Cleaner

Automation is all about working smarter, faster, and proficiently. By constructing an automated personal cleaning assistant, students explore the use of modern robotics in everyday life. The Smart Household Cleaner Extension Kit teaches students robotic adaptability and programmatic coding agility.

This extension kit does not include the E300 starter kit, but it requires the E300 kit to complete its assembly.

Learn Household Robot Mechanics

Experience the assembly of the Smart Household Cleaner extension kit to discover robotic applications in the home.
















Design E300's Optimal Cleaning Route 

Utilise problem-solving skills to design and code the most efficient path for E300 to perform cleaning tasks.


Create A Home Cleaner Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Explore modern robotics by creating a working, interactive, artificial intelligence controlled household cleaner.